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alleviations. >> in a nation overflowing with so many pills, with so many patients wanting and expecting the quick fix, with so many truly naive prescribers, users and misusers of medications, we have to find a way to prevent people from taking a deadly dose. hello, let's get you up to speed. a former boxing champion is dead. camacho was shot in the face outside of a bar on tuesday night. he won belts in several weight classes and was known as much for his showmanship as for his skills in the ring. he was 50 years old. in egypt, opposition to morsi is growing. for a third straight day, protesters hit the streets. some of the highest judges have
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walked off the job and are calling for a strike. >> his viral music video gangnam style has been watched 810 million times. back to boxing. you may have heard this super star, manny pacquiao is headed back to the ring. he is going up against manual marquez, this is the fourth time that they have squared off and once again, we are proud to present the popular series, 24/7 to show you the story behind the boxers as they train for this fight. so here it is.
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>> well, to be a great rivalry, it has to be competitive, obviously. because if it's not competitive. it's not really a rivalry. it has to be world class fighters fighting each other. like ali/frazier, that was a world-class rivalry. >> this was one of the most bruising heavy weight championships of all time. >> we had a great rivalry because the fighters were so evenly matched and they had such big hearts with the late artu
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arturogotti and mickey ward, that was a great rivalry. >> look at that, look at that combination. a throw back to the golden era of the ring. >> this is one of the prime rivalries, manny pacquiao, against juan manual marquez. one of the prime rivalries in the whole hift story of the spo. >> there's an expectation in boxing, that the most storied, the most ferocious and the most competitive of conflicts can be settled over the course of a trilogy. but for manny pack yo and juan manual marquez, 36 rounds over the past eight years have not been enough. regardless of what the score cards have produced. >> i'm calling it another draw. to the winner manny pacquiao. >> and regardless of how
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strongly each side has felt about the outcomes. >> of course, i believe that i won the fight. >> this is the story of three bouts that have given way a fourth. the tale of two fighters still searching to settle a rivalry steeped in history, controversy, and above all, inconclusiveness. this is 24/7, pacquiao marquez 4. . >> in the spring of 2004, manny
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pacquiao was in his 20s and squaring off against juan manual marquez who at 31 had separated himself from a pack of mexican contenders. the feather weight bout figured to be a entertaining matchup and for those ringside, the anticipation was tinged with intrigue as much as anything else. >> we were all curious about pacquiao, who was such a sensational type fighter. explosive. and how he would cope with an unusual fighter from mexico in that marquez was more of a boxer than a banger. >> from the outset, the give and take had an aggressive feel. >> marquez comes out in a more offensive stance than he usually does. >> but marquez's trainer was not happy with his early strategy.
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>> and he finds the straight left hand and there's the punching power. >> i thought the fight was over. >> and down he goes. >> he was standing in one position. >> this is why we use the word "sensation."
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>> i mean, the fight is almost over. we had to finish the fight in one round. >> straight back. third knock down of the first round. and he caught marquez going down and i'm not sure juan manual will be able to get up. >> i thought that i got him in the first round, but i was surprised of his toughness. >> cortez is going to let the fight continue. >> for a referee, it should be -- it should not be a numbers game unless he is counting to ten. and the third knock down is usually when the referee stops in and stops the mayhem. but it's knowing who the fighters are and looking into the fighter's eye, and cortez did a major league job of understanding the situation.
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[ bell ringing ] >> what happened in the second round redefined a fighter. i think marquez intuitively absorbed the reality that he had to make this stand. it would define him forever. >> marquez is feeling his way back into the fight. >> marquez fighting more of the kind of fight now we anticipated at the start. >> i remember the rest of the night was being very frustrated because manny is looking for the big left hand all night, because he had such success with it in the first round and marquez knew exactly how to take that away from us and started landing his straight right hand. >> with each round that passed. marquez seemed to be getting stronger and stronger. climbing closer and closer back in the fight. >> a right hand, stunned pacquiao and it could be the comeback of a lifetime for juan
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manual marquez. >> by the end of the 11th round, the bout appeared too close to call. >> this is your round, son, we need this round badly. all right? you going to put him on his ass this time, you hear me? >> both fighters believe they can win this fight if they win this the round. >> two real fighters, from their guts. both can box, both can punch, both have the hearts of champions. >> we go to the score cards. 115-110 for pacquiao. 115-110 for marquez.
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113-113, a three-way split. the bout is a draw. >> of course, i believed that i won the fight . >> in a controversial twist, when the score cards were released it was revealed all three judges did not score the first round for pacquiao 10-6. juan mistake enly scored it 10-7, accounting for 2 of the three knock downs and that single point should have given pacquiao a split decision victory. >> so, i filed a protest because he made a mistake. and i said why do you have a judge at ringside who does not know the rules. we would have won the fight if it was scored the way the it was supposed to be scored. and the nevada fighting league
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said it was like a umpire missing a call at the plate. and i said, bull, you know, i was not going to argue too hard though, because it was a great fight. i think it was great for the sport of boxing. with verizon. hurry in this saturday and sunday for great deals. like the lucid by lg, free. or the galaxy nexus by samsung, free. this weekend, get the best deals on the best devices on the best network. exclusively at verizon. when you take a closer look... the best schools in the world... see they all have something very interesting in common. they have teachers... ...with a deeper knowledge of their subjects. as a result, their students achieve at a higher level.
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it took four years for a rematch to be set, but another was set for mandalay bay. >> is it round 13 of the last fight, or is it a different fight because manny has developed so much as a boxer and so developed his right hand in the four years since the first fight? >> when the bell range, it was marquez who dictated the early flow. >> good body shot by marquez. upper cut by marquez, huge left hook, buckled pacquiao [ bell ringing ] >> by the third round, pacquiao was finding his range and a familiar brand of action was intensified. >> it was a late-round rally for pacquiao. >> this could change back and forth. >> down goes marquez, on a
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straight left hand perfect shot by pacquiao! >> i thought it's over. but he got lucky. [ bell ringing ] >> good fight, it could go like this all night. >> marquez almost went down the second time, and he almost went to the wrong corner as well. >> as in the first fight, marquez recovered and from there, the bout tightened. with nearly every round evenly matched and the fight too close to call. >> marquez trying to shock him with aggression. >> one of those rounds too close to call was round six. >> he said i want you to get
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busy that is what manny needs to do, go in and throw punches in bunches. >> a scientific round. a good boxing match, that is what boxing is all about, the kou counter punches, the aggressive guy, and both of them landing good punches. i think we lost that round, so, i'm an honest person. >> manny, you are letting this get away from you. you are sitting there letting him get off combinations. >> pacquiao had a new problem. a bad cut to his right eye. >> amazing fight, and the trait right hand by marquez hurt pacquiao, he hurt him with that punch. and cut his high. >> and the next round, manny returned the favor. >> like their first bout, this
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one would do the distance and the final bell would again approach wp boith both fighters leaving nothing. >> they trade shots down the stretch. >> hell of a fight. i'm calling it another draw. >> i thought both fighters deserved to win. neither one deserved to lose. that's a draw for me. >> on this night however, a draw wasn't in the cards. >> we go to the score cards. 115-112 marquez. 115-112 pacquiao. 114-113 to the winner on split decision, and new champion of the philippines, manny pacquiao!
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>> yeah, yeah, i was happy, i thought that manny won the fight, i thought the knockdown was the difference. they cried a little bit. i would not have cried if we lost though, it was that close. i mean, but, again, it was another good fight for boxing i thought. and it was two great technicians doing what they do best. [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role
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throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. it has more of 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day 50+.
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♪ pacquiao/marquez 3 took a while to come to fruition, and when it did, pacquiao was a favorite, he had defeated over oscar de la hoya and miguel cotto and a string of other fighters. those is surrounding pacquiao knew better than to look past the mexican. knowing their fighter was not at
9:23 pm
his best, following a training camp full of personal distractions. >> manny was clearly not focused. he had marital problems, he was not getting enough rest. i knew we would not see a vintage manny pacquiao in that fight and we certainly didn't. >> marquez, getting ready to take a couple more risks or so it would appear. the pattern begins to emerge again. >> stills in first half of the fight, that pattern yielded no high drama in the ring. >> pacquiao making marquez miss, but not firing back. >> now we are seeing the action we saw in the first two fights. i hit you and you come and try to hit me back. >> as the fight continued, however, things began to turn, at least in the eyes of one of the bouts' judges, robert hoyle. >> the more distinct punches
9:24 pm
were coming from marquez. he was effective backing up. >> hard right hand by marquez, he is loosening up and gathering confidence. >> he found his niche, he found a way to get through the aggression that pack youp was p -- that pacquiao was putting on him to be effective. >>? a dose of the controversy that has come to mark the rivalry the other two judges saw it the opposite way, awarding 4 of the final 6 rounds to pacquiao. >> put this guy on his ass, okay? >> the 12 round of both prior fights had been action packed. on this night, in a questionable interpretation of beristain's
9:25 pm
instructions. marquez pulled back. >> obviously marquez believes what beristain has told him. >> this was a tremendous tactical error, i think, by juan manual marquez. >> the final round would indeed go to pacquiao on 2 of the 3 judges' cards, including robert hoyle's. >> after 12 world championship rounds. robert hoyle scores the bout, 114-114 even. >> when they read my score, i
9:26 pm
tell you i was extremely nervous and i tell you after i sat back and relaxed, i really feel like i called the fight exactly how it was. it was a even fight. >> david maretti scores it 115-113. and glenn zorbich, 116-112, to the winner by majority decision and still wbo welter weight champion of the world, manny pacquiao! >> once again, the score cards had become a huge part of the story of a pacquiao marquez bout. particularly the cards of the with two judges who scored it for pacquiao. >> my performance, that was not
9:27 pm
really the best that i wanted, but when i heard that, the bell rang, i felt i won the fight. >> i thought we won the third fight, but i thought it was the closest and to be quite honest with you, i wanted to close the book on this, i said i never want to see them fight again. so, and then here we are. [ laughing ] >> stay tuned for part 2 of 24/7 pacquiao marquez 4. and don't miss the pay per view fight. i gave birth to my daughter on may 18th,
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♪ >> every life story is composed of any number of essential ingreedants, who you become is tied to what you are made of, even if these pieces do not reassemble the final product of what emerges. early every morning in the
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philippines, the workers of the bake shop make batches of sugar doughnuts. some are sold at the shop, but others are purchased by enterprising young men, hoping to turn the treats into a small profit. they sit as the cars pass by and hope. hope their trays get emptied by hungry passer passers-by and hr futures have something different. if the great manny pacquiao once sold doughnuts on the side of the road, what may be in store for them. ♪ . >> it's a tuesday morning at
9:33 pm
manny pacquiao compound. a few weeks remain before his bout with marquez. today he will file for re-election to the philippine congress where he represents his province. first, he and his wife are obtaining a blessing. >> give limb the you -- give him the mighty hand of praise. thank you, jesus. two years ago, pacquiao was elected to his first term in
9:34 pm
congress in a landslide, his impending race should be just as easy. i do not have anybody running against me. so i will win, so i will be a congressman. i hope i can bring more improvement, i know the feeling of being poor of course being nothing, i'm like them before, but now i'm helping them. >> while his submission of re-election papers may appear to be a formality, there's an added wrinkle to the family agenda today in headquarters. the people's champ movement ticket has a new member. it is her first entry into politics and she is unflusterred by what awaits. >> i will accept the fact that i'm here and i'm ready. there's a little bit of
9:35 pm
pressure, they always ask me what will be your programs. i always tell them, our goal is to help. that's it. because we came from the poor family. so i know the heart being poor. we are here to serve, not to be served by the people. just for the people. [ male announcer ] citi turns 200 this year.
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♪ >> 9,000 miles east across the pacific ocean, it's just past 4:00 a.m. in mexico is city and as the last of the market stalls close up. one of the most famous residents is just beginning his day. the juan manual marquez, he is a week away from starting training camp. he has summoned members of his team to join him for a pre-dawn workout.
9:40 pm
>> closely observing the transformation in progress are the boxer's sons. his 14-year-old and 7-year-old son, each of them explore the floor and heed any advice their father gives them. >> for the elder marquez, the early morning plan is highlighted by a circuit workout, focusing on speed and agility.
9:41 pm
at 39, a fighter normally is not still boxing at a high level. but marquez has defied the clock and relished the chance to do so. >> he would not deny that the notion of retirement has occasionally crossed his mind. but for now, the opportunity to claim the victory that has eluded him is motivation to continue.
9:42 pm
like his father, huh? >> he spends morning recovering and then joins his son, their wife and youngest child at a kid's birthday party for a family friend. >> he will be fighting to finally topple his greatest nemesis, and the result will be added to his record. the work to get there will be inspired by those closest to
9:43 pm
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♪ manny pacquiao's last trip to the ring came in june in las vegas, where he was a four man 4-1 favorite against timothy bradley. the filipino entered the bout, looking to silence critics saying that his skills had
9:48 pm
slipped following lackluster performances. from the outset, pacquiao looked sharp. >> again, the left hand moves bradley half way across the ring. the power shots are taking the toll. >> he fought a smart fight and boxed well. i saw improvements from the fight with marquez. >> not even close. i mean, i was thinking that it was a 1-sided fight. >> maybe the judges could have found a round here or there to give bradley, it appears to us to be a shutout for pacquiao. >> the complaint from the corner was that pacquiao decided to cruise instead of accelerate to the finish. >> he could have knocked him out, he just decided to beat him in decision. >> bradley felt like he may not
9:49 pm
be at this level again, so they picked up their fighter and carried him around. >> a one-sided verdict appeared all by a formality. but then came the announcement of of the judges decision. >> i was shocked at the first one they gave us, it was so close. i thought you have to be kidding me, it was that close? and then the next two count, just um, amazing. >> 115-113 for bradley. 115-113 to the winner by split decision, and new wbo welt wither weight champion of the world, timothy bradley! >> timothy bradley has scored an up set split decision victory
9:50 pm
over manny pacquiao. god only knows how. >> i said, am i in boxing? what is -- what supports this? because i have been in boxing 21 years and this is my first time to encounter on that one-sided fight and my opponent won the fight. >> in the dressing room afterwards, fighter and trainer could only chortle through their bewilderment. >> good fight, huh? >> you fought a very good fight. you gave the 11th round away. >> yeah. i gave the 11th round. >> and then, so, but you fought smart. angles. >> some round i gave to him. >> but he did not want to fight you after a while. he told me, he would run.
9:51 pm
>> boom! >> he doesn't want to exchange. >> i told him before, i always told you, he is going to run. >> you said that. >> i said he is going to run. >> and i said no. >> 100%. i will listen next time. >> in the days and weeks to follow, conspiracy theories followed with calls for investigations made from any number of quarters. nowhere was the result more controversial than the philippines, when even his mother fainted when the decision was read, he weighed in on the decision.
9:52 pm
>> at first, a rematch seemed the only next step. but as serious discussions began for pacquiao's next fight, the boxer saw a different familiar foe as an even more satisfying fit. >> what i need to prove to bradley? i don't think that people will be interested in the fight. that's why i -- i decide to just fight again with marquez for the fourth time. to answer all the doubts in the minds of the fans. on a sunny afternoon in mexico city, juan manual marquez and his family are headed south in a modified chevy suburban
9:53 pm
equipmented with police lights for extra security. this is the house the family will soon be moving into. with renovations still being finalized following their recent purchase. >> last year, marquez's current home was robbed leading the fighter to search for a more secure compound, which he found here in one of the city's most exclusive enclaves.
9:54 pm
>> for years he boxed only for modest purses, and now at the end of his career, the money has grown, his working class roots are only a memory and knowing his children are taken care of is one of thinks greatest comforts. >> check, check, check, one two, check, one, two, three. >> back in the philippines,
9:55 pm
preparations are under way for a special event in the ballroom. manny pacquiao has flown into town with wife jinkie for the night, to sell -- to celebrate the sixth birthday of their oldest daughter. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday ♪ happy birthday ♪ happy birth day to you >> the celebration is geared toward the kids but the broad papa is willing on show off he is familiar with what is all the rage. >> music please! >> hey, hey, hey! gangman style! ♪ >> it's really important to have
9:56 pm
time with my children, my kids and my family. to play with the kids, five years from now, ten years from now, i cannot play like that anymore. ♪ ♪ poker face! gangnam tile! ♪ hey sexy lady ♪ hey ♪ gangnam style >> the picture of family is
9:57 pm
not notable, before the last fight they were struggling in their marriage, but jinkie said a lot has changed since. >> he did not used to like join like that, dancing, and he just stay for at least one hour and then go. go away. because he had so many appointments. but now, he is a different man. i for give him. and i am ready to forget the past. >> pacquiao's devotion to his family and political obligations appear to have impacted his preparations for this bought, he decided to push back his move to los angeles for training camp by two weeks. he will continue to work at home. cherishing the gifts life has brought him. remaining mindful of the origins he left behind. >> i'm so blessed, and really thankful to god that he gave me
9:58 pm
this talent and my children can benefit from this. i will teach them where their mom and dad came from, and we tell them how hard our life before. >> thank you to my mommy and daddy for giving me a nice birthday. i love it. ♪ >> like anyone else, fighters' lives change with time. new priorities, new passions, and new convictions emerge. balance takes precedence. long planned or hastily
9:59 pm
rescheduled, marquez and pacquiao each began their training camps for their fourth bout at home on. but it was time to revive their hunger. resurect their desire. reawaken their instinct. it was time to focus on december 8th. and begin forgetting that anything had changed at all from the very first moment they entered the ring. "24/7: pacquiao/marquez 4" continues

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